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You might only spot the defect after wearing the piece a few times, when it’s too late to exchange. Aussi soutenir les boutiques multi-marques indépendantes, qui elles, par définition, soutiennent la jeune création et sont force de proposition, mais peinent à tenir le coup financièrement face aux requins franchisés me semblerait de meilleur augure. Je suis une femme parisienne qui aime les belles choses, mais pas à n’importe quel “prix”, Zara était ma marque préférée jusqu’à ce que je sois informée, je la boycotte désormais. … Et enfin, n’hésitez pas à demander conseil au près des vendeuses. Do you know that Zara got done for slave labour in on of their factories? Sinon en marque COS et uniqlo sont cool ( ils ont des supers manteaux sans manches kaki et beige en ce moment ). Je n’ai jamais été déçue chez eux! Now I get it, I can’t expect to find an exceptional piece every time I drop by and need to lower my expectation with this store but when I do find the “graal”, God it worth it!! I don’t know about you, but between my book tour and all my extra baggage, I’m... ©2006-2020 Garance Doré. Help.. there is no Zara in my state…. Les matières sont vraiment tops. I love Zara! Merci l’amie. Ai-je des gouts pourris?”. Je viens de m’acheter une chemise en soie crème trop jolie que j’ai mise 2 fois et qui est carrément déchirée au niveau des coutures…. Malheureusement le site web ne reflètent pas bien les pièces mais en boutique c’est génial! Super post, comme d’hab! :(. Stay real Garance, kisses! Merci The point about looking for the ONE is awesome advice. Join Facebook to connect with Arobe Zara and others you may know. I like natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, cashmere,… but would avoid buying viscose, polyester, acrylic and Zara just uses too many of those fabrics for my taste. It was R15999 So I often get out from Zara empty handed, but when I find a deal, I just go for it, and get loads of compliments afterwards. Renderosity - a digital art community for cg artists to buy and sell 2d and 3d content, cg news, free 3d models, 2d textures, backgrounds, and brushes Veja fotos, avaliações e disponibilidade. Haha I just came home from my little window shopping tour at Zara after school :) I like Zara for their cool fabrics and patterns, but sometimes it really seems like they’re copying a designer. 4. Zara is a fast fashion brand, so admirably fast that a high rate of faulty pieces get on the shelves. But at the beginning…oh my… how many items that I bought just because 1. they were cheap and 2. looked like useful basics (sort of) ended up in the bin because they just didn’t fit right, or didn’t survive a wash, or simply looked what they were from the beginning: cheap, low quality, garments. Their clothes are very simple but chic with a that certain edge. DECOR. My sister didn’t buy it because she is too short. I bought three and still wear them (to do chores). De Mexico à Paris, on pense très fort a vous. One, there is a Zara across the street from where I work (Literally, I can look out the window and see the storefront) and two, I’m looking for an amazing coat for winter…..maybe it will be from Zara, or maybe not. LOL! Why should one group wear it, but not another? Génial ce petit guide! Sans compter qu’ils étaient tous tordus, mal coupés, en fin… je parle de la préhistoire. Totally true about going often though, I have three right near my home in Madrid and I’m literally in minimum once a week. Well, I love Zara, but, here , in Brazil, we have a different kind of body. tu traites Zara comme un phénomène de mode (à juste titre), et personne ne met en doute ton indépendance par rapport à la marque. J’ai regardé dans ma penderie et mes pièces préférées ont en effet été faites entre l’Espagne, le Portugal et, au plus loin, au Marroc. Today I found this really cool shirt that I just HAVE to have (that said I’m 17 yrs old): Zara McDermott has slammed a troll who claimed she weighs 7 stone. Je n’ai donc plus aucun préjugé en matière d’habillement et je pars du principe que le pire comme le meilleur existent dans les labels bon marché comme dans le luxe. I just thought I’d share my point of view, from the other corner of the world :). A chaque foi je peux essayer tous les pantalons de la boutique, trop serre de la cuisse, trop grand de la taille et chez H&M j’ai aucun problème. Je me demande si vous n’avez pas mis un détecteur d’adresse ip de mon cerveau. Most females are M to XL not XS! Mais pour nous, étudiantes sans un sou, on adorait! The thing not to do is to get super excited about pieces that look just like something you saw somewhere else. I love their blazers/jackets but best to overlook the fabric label. Skip ... free people kimono zara kimono dress zara embroidered zara blazer zara kimono embroidered zara dress anthropologie kimono zara robe zara kimono jacket zara kimono l zara kimono green zara ... Zara AW18 Studio Long Kimono Wool Coat Black 8234/731 Size S NWT Top Rated Seller. Oh my Garance I just go there couple day ago and saw a black jumpsuit there that look like valentino only it black. Fast delivery, full service customer support. Garance…pas rapport avec Zara. Mais Sud express dans le même genre est pas mal du tout, ou Massimo Dutti (qui est quand même plus cher) I always take chances with Zara stuff, it’s a cheap way to take a risk. They didn’t have my size so I ordered it online. I am going to pay attention to the material & higher quality items… and will check in with the sale-person about their delivery.. great points.. Shop our comfy cardigans, sweaters and signature OTK boots! O perfumista que assina esta fragrância é Thierry Wasser As notas de topo são Cereja amarga, Amêndoa, Bagas vermelhas e Bergamota as notas de coração são Alcaçuz, Rosa, Chá e Rosa Taif as notas de fundo são Baunilha, Fava Tonka, Anis, Patchouli ou Oriza e Íris Nude Bouquet 2017 de Zara é um perfume Floral Feminino. Otherwise, I really love UNIQLO for their basics. Shop new arrivals & latest trends for women, kids and home online. Voilà. The turnover is just so fast! ... Robe … Now I would love to see it. My sister does well at Zara, partly by being very selective (quality of fabric particularly) and she has found that it is well worth trying on several of a garment in the same size because they do differ, this is especially true of jackets. Déjà il faut savoir qu’il existe plusieurs “catégories” : le traf, le basic, le woman et le studio. favorite place to shop! I can never find anything at Zara, I don’t get what’s the fuzz?! What was your first ‘designer’ piece. Nude Bouquet 2017 foi lançado em 2017. Moi j’y cours (et j’assume porter du H&M avec mes qqls pieces de créateurs). It is funny that you say that in Paris the best stuff is in the middle of the store. Rotate to landscape for the best view of the Studio Website. C’est difficile de résister aux belles pièces du moment. It takes a trained eye to spot an original, because our eyes are so saturated with “the trend” and wanting to satisfy our craving for more upscale items outside of our reach. I will have to check out Zara this week. I usually visit the ZARA WOMAN section. Je n’en reviens toujours pas ahah ! I also agree with buy immediately. terminé pour moi les jeans Zara.., Coucou ! their blouses are made too short and I can never find the large sizes which is really a medium in regular size, only XS and S size is left in the store. Love the Zara jeans too but they never fit me :( xx,, Ton dessin est sublime Garance ! Moi je ne suis pas assez experte pour le déceler.” Most likely I’m going to bookmark your website . H&M (toujours) ne pratique pas cette différence de prix. C’est bien de voir que vous continuez amies, bien qu’ayant des points de vue différents. : Walk around once “window shopping”, then LOOK AGAIN. C’est rare de trouver un aussi bon rapport qualité-prix. If you want to succeed when you buy in Zara, just mix different pieces and create a special look. Tis the glorious season of… freaking-out-about-what-the-hell-to-buy-your-boyfriend-husband-friend-lover for the holidays. Je vais très rarement chez Zara pour 3 raisons. Oh, and I always check the composition tag, those shirts/dresses in wonderful colors but 100% Polyester always stay on the shleves: I don’t want to sweat away my day because my clothes are consipiring to make me feel at a finnish Sauna… Moi mon problème c’est pas que j’aime pas Zara, mais rien ne me va. Je peux essayer tous les pantalons de la boutique, pas un seul ne va tomber correctement, trop serre de la cuisse, trop grand de la taille et les tops c’est la meme chose, trop court, tombe mal aux epaules, il baille a la poitrine et sous les aisselles… Alors que si je vais faire un tour chez H&M j’ai aucun problème, tout est nickel. Et enfin le studio (je pense que tu parles de ces pièces là vers la fin de ton post) : pièces beaucoup plus élaborées et évidemment plus chères (davantage que le woman !) I must admit that I have a love-hate relationship with Zara, especially since I moved to NYC. Ton style a tellement évolué ! This is exactly how I approach shopping at Zara, and H&M for that matter and some of my favourite pieces are from there. Sans déconner (pardon pour le mot et avé l’accent en plus steuplé), mais à chaque fois, je dis bien quasiment à chaque fois, que j’ai un questionnement existentiel, boodu (typiquement local) et bé je le retrouve sur ce blog et je me dis mon plus beau coup, dont je ne suis pas peu fière, c’est d’avoir trouvé 2 tenues pour un mariage à Monaco cet été, avec un budget limité il faut avoir des idées !! Et merci pour cet article, c’est vrai que Zara est parfois effrayant ! J’adore leur bottes, mais attention, elles reviennent chaque saison alors il faut s’attendre a les voire un peu sur tout le monde! They are truly poor quality. Your advices are very wise anyway!!!! Toujours d’actu ce shop guide pour la boutique Zara. et bien dans le vetements c est pareil ds la majorité des cas…. Gros bisous! And have a Zaragasme, omg. Bisous Garance ! after what was probably a 5+ year absence, inspired by your post and Zara’s very attractive recent lookbooks and campaigns, I stopped by a store last night. I have a love-hate relationship with Zara. I know if I ever need a new outfit I can always go to Zara and find what I need. jeb. (Excepté des manteaux récents à plus de 200€, ça reste du Zara hein, ce n’est pas du Maje…), Enfin sinon, je suis un peu les mêmes conseils que toi :). I take 28″ in women’s jeans and find 30″ in men’s work well. ce cou ! Après quelques années très Zara, je n’y suis plus allée pendant très, très longtemps. I have a pair of jeans that Iw bought years ago, they are so good, flattering! They have great dresses which I especially adore. Ni Zara, ni Céline, ni Chanel, ni tous les autres ne sont une garantie du bon style !!!! I love their Tshirts and am always so sad when I go back to get something that I loved and it’s already out of stock. That little check every time I make a Zara (or other fast-fashion) purchase has helped me build a chic, but inexpensive wardrobe that actually lasts! And outside of Zara, who has good stuff for a good price? I think the key to style and an decisive mind is not having much. Zara Studio - Robe Brodée Édition Limitée … Shop now. aaaaaahahahahaha, on dirait un commentaire que j’ai posté y’a vraiment pas longtemps mais en vraiment vraiment mieux tourné !! (et ça m’était arrivé avec leur pull basique, celui que tout le monde a, avec les petits boutons aux manches…). And yes, with those items that are almost straight copies of popular designer items, I get drawn in immediately but have to step back and realize their short life-span as sad imposters. Fast delivery, full service customer support. Just what I needed! c’est pas comme toi! Malgré cela reste une enseigne sympa pour quelques petits basiques et c’est très pratique! Jul 21, 2017 - Shop Women's Zara size S Mini at a discounted price at Poshmark. Oct 22, 2017 - Zara Studio Leather Dress (2,600 INR) liked on Polyvore featuring dresses, black, genuine leather dress, real leather dress, zara dresses and leather dresses This is a genuinely rare quality of genuineness which I hope you never lose! Haha and I actually bought only one coat and one skirt so far, but those were great. I wish jeans and jackets worked for me but they just don’t fit my limbs well (too much muscle from boxing in college). 2. And while I recognize that there’s a lot of what I would consider crap in there, there’s also a lot of wonderful pieces, which is what makes it so amazing really: something for everyone! I often buy a trernd to see if it is worth investing in at designer level. View property details and sold price of 3 Zara Court & other properties in ... while a large workshop/studio is ideal for those wishing to tinker ... three with built-in-robes, plus the master with walk-in-robe & ensuite. Deux de mes plus belles vestes viennent de chez Zara, et comme tu dis, on les reconnaît au toucher. I know some people do a lot online and I just don’t get how they do it. Perhaps quality isn’t quite the same, but store layout, etc? Here in Milan I go very often in corso vittorio emanuele where Zara has one of the bigger store. :) ) I think, but I am not sure, that it depends on the store. especially at second hands and vintage shops ;) pour repérer au milieu des merdes….bon, bref ! Et j’ai aussi adoré le point de vue de Géraldine à ce sujet. xx. Garance you made my day! . YES for any pants with higher waist! Alors, moi, mon petit coin secret, c’est TKMaxx, pour acheter des pièces de créateurs à prix tout doux ! Dorothy, J’ai fait un tour de shopping chez Zara avec ma femme. Le sens des priorités :), Garance, !enfaites ils ne faudrait jamais laver les vêtements ou il faudrait inventer un lessive sèche comme les shampoings secs pour les cheveux!! Je vois des photos partout avec des filles qui le font tout le temps et je ne sais pas si je comprends. Leurs foulards lin ils se décousent comme leurs tee shirt en lin. I shop their men’s button up shirts occasionally as well. Par grand froid, durant les beaux jours, du matin jusqu'au soir, elles nous suivent au quotidien. stylish and cheap! Comment font les autres? Emilie. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Aug 8, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Elodie Le Boucher. (Also, is the link to your popular scarf missing?). May 30, 2013 - Discover Zara Kimonos For Women. seriously, they are so nice, normally I feel ?t home” with 12 inches (being 5’8) but those high heels from Zara.. so beautiful, so uncomfortable. Deuxièmement les prix en Suisse sont exorbitants ! ou les jeans, si on aime les robes bien coupées, le jupes, les ensembles, cela devient réellement compliqué. It feels a little like it’s all alone, a little detached from the rest of the shelf. I also love their jeans because they are long enough for tall girls, or if you wear high heels. So I stuffed my luggage with a few pieces then – and then I’ve been buying a few things here and there since. Sometimes the price of these are a little higher than usual. Checking them out now! Malheureusement H&M fait moins de pièces fortes, quoi que de plus en plus mais les matières ne suivent pas. $24.95. I don’t know how you find anything at Zara – and I love the midi skirt in one of your other posts.

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