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Eleven were eventually referred to trial at the Riyadh Criminal Court and the public prosecutor sought the death penalty for five of them. [141], On 15 November 2018, the Saudi Prosecutor's Office stated that 11 Saudi nationals had been indicted and charged with murdering Khashoggi and that five of the individuals who were indicted would face the death penalty since it had been determined they were directly involved in "ordering and executing the crime". [132], On 5 November, Daily Sabah quoted a Turkish official that an 11-member "investigative team" had been sent by Saudi Arabia to Istanbul on 11 October. Until I am proven otherwise I must assume that this was the case. In the letter, they sought insight into everything the NSA knows about phone calls and emails from Saudi officials on the Khashoggi case. Are they about to fail another test of humanity? The Government of Canada started an investigation in to those malicious cyberattacks. The other six defendants were Mr Asiri, Mansour Othman Abahussain; Mohammed Saad Alzahrani; Mustafa Mohammed Almadani; Saif Saad Alqahtani; Muflih Shaya Almuslih, reportedly a member of the consulate staff. The investigation, which focused on a forensic examination of a cellphone belonging to Saud al-Qahtani, found that none of the messages exchanged on the day of the murder between Prince Mohammed and Mr. Qahtani concerned the murder. In 2019, David Ignatius – a Washington Post journalist – reported in one of his articles about a similar warning given by the CIA to other government agencies in the US, about Tier 1 Group employees' involvement in the Khashoggi murder case. [151] However, the message-exchange element of the report was contested by Saudi Arabia based on a confidential Saudi-commissioned investigation conducted by the private security firm Kroll. [205] The United States' president, Donald Trump, expressed support for the Saudi government, reserving judgment about culpability. [122][123], Mojeb held a second round of talks with Fidan on 30 October, before inspecting the Saudi consulate in the Levent neighbourhood, where he left after spending a little over an hour. The car belonged to the Saudi consulate and permission was sought from the Saudi diplomats to search the car. His body was then dismembered and handed over to a local "collaborator" outside the consulate, he added. On the 2 nd of October Khashoggi walked into the Saudi Arabian consulate in … [40][41] Abdulaziz filed a lawsuit against an Israeli company NSO Group Technologies that allowed his smartphone to be taken over and his communications to be spied on by the Saudi regime.[42]. That Mr. Khashoggi was a Saudi journalist living in self-imposed exile in Virginia after having fallen out of favor with members of the Saudi monarchy already cast shadows of suspicion over the entire situation. [185] The court conducted ten hearings that were not open to the public. "[144][16][145] In a series of interviews President Trump said the crown prince denies his involvement "vehemently" and the CIA only has "feelings" and there is "no smoking gun" in the death. © 2020 BBC. [74], Exiled Saudi activist Omar Abdulaziz said he was approached earlier in 2018 by Saudi officials who urged him to visit the Saudi embassy in Ottawa, Canada with them to collect a new passport. [82][83] Reuters reported that al-Otaibi left Istanbul for Riyadh on 16 October. He became a frequent contributor to publications like The Washington Post's global opinions section and continued to criticize the Saudi government from afar. Reports have pointed to prominent Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi, who was a high-profile critic of MBS and used the pages of Bezos' Washington Post to criticise the Saudi regime. After Omar Abdulaziz refused, Saudi authorities arrested two of his brothers and several of his friends in Saudi Arabia. [140], One of the assassins was heard saying "I know how to cut" on the audio tape. [114][115][116] Turkish newspaper Hürriyet reported on 26 October that police had found no DNA traces of Khashoggi in water samples taken from the well. [198][199] Prominent Saudi women's rights activist Manal al-Sharif also separately reported a similar event during her exile in Australia, having said: "If it weren't for the kindness of God I would have been [another] victim. citizenship. And they repeated the request for the extradition of the 18 suspects to Turkey, although the Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir insisted on 27 October that the men would be tried on Saudi soil. They say that he was strangulated with a rope or something like a plastic bag. [119] "Even Saudi Arabia has admitted that the crime was premeditated ... From where I sit, this bears all the hallmarks of extrajudicial executions. Qahtani reportedly insulted Khashoggi, who responded in kind. He warned that no-one should dare commit "such acts on the soil of a NATO ally again" and wrote: "As responsible members of the international community, we must reveal the identities of the puppet masters behind Khashoggi's killing and discover those in whom Saudi officials – still trying to cover up the murder – have placed their trust... We know that the order to kill Khashoggi came from the highest levels of the Saudi government." Having divorced his wife, who had remained in Saudi Arabia, he went to the consulate to obtain a document certifying that he was no longer married so he could marry his Turkish fiancée. [136], Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave public confirmation that Turkey had shared audio of the killing with world governments. Erdoğan stated that "The prosecutor came to Turkey to make excuses, make things difficult." "[17] UN special rapporteur Callamard said the Saudi verdict was a "mockery" because "the masterminds not only walk free, they have barely been touched by the investigation and the trial. The details of this story so far are shocking and still murky. [212] In July 2019, Trump vetoed three bipartisan Congressional resolutions that would have halted arms sales. [69], The disappearance presented Turkish officials with a sharp diplomatic challenge. [201][202] Additionally, Aljabri's son, Khalid, has claimed that his brother-in-law was rendered from Dubai to Saudi Arabia in September 2017, where he was coerced into trying to persuade his wife to attend the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. [55] He received a warm welcome from officials, and was told to return to the consulate on 2 October. The Committee to Protect Journalists joined the legal effort. [146] The next day Hürriyet columnist Abdulkadir Selvi wrote that the "CIA holds 'smoking gun phone call' of Saudi Crown Prince on Khashoggi murder",[147] and that Gina Haspel, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, has possession of an intercepted phone call in which crown prince Mohammad gives an order to his brother Khalid "to silence Jamal Khashoggi as soon as possible". On 23 December 2019, five people were sentenced to death for carrying out Khashoggi's killing: Three other defendants, unnamed as of 23 December 2019[update], were sentenced to a combined total of 24 years in prison for "covering up this crime and violating the law". [68] Turkish police investigators told the media that the recordings from the security cameras did not show any evidence of Khashoggi leaving the consulate. "The subsequent murder is the ultimate confirmation of this instruction. According to interviews conducted by Ms Callamard, the defendants' lawyers argued in court that they were state employees and could not object to the orders of their superiors, and that Mr Asiri insisted that he never authorised the use of force to bring Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia. [88], According to Nazif Karaman of the Daily Sabah, the audio recording from inside the consulate revealed that Khashoggi's last words were: "I'm suffocating... take this bag off my head, I'm claustrophobic. [158] According to Aljazeera, the charges were filed based on analysis of Khashoggi's accessories, witness testimonies, analysis of the suspects' phone records, including information on their whereabouts within and outside Turkey, as well as the consulate. Al-Waqt news quoted informed sources as saying that Mohammad bin Salman had assigned Ahmad Asiri, the deputy head of the Saudi intelligence agency Riasat Al-Mukhabarat Al-A'amah[163] and the former spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, with the mission to execute Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. The reaction from the UK's foreign secretary has been a carefully-worded call for everyone to be held to account. Accordingly, they also agreed that the case should not cause further destabilization in the Middle East; and the fallout from the Khashoggi affair could create a way forward to find a resolution to the ongoing War in Yemen. And a further closed-door meeting with Secretary-General António Guterres of the United Nations took place. The 59-year-old journalist, who went into self-imposed exile in the US in 2017, was last seen entering the Saudi consulate on 2 October 2018 to obtain papers he needed to marry Ms Cengiz. "[120], Saudi public prosecutor Saud al-Mojeb arrived in Istanbul on 28 October, days after he contradicted weeks of official Saudi statements by saying that Khashoggi's murder was premeditated. Three others were handed prison sentences totalling 24 years for "covering up this crime and violating the law", while the remaining three were found not guilty. [155] According to the prosecutor's office in Istanbul, a royal court adviser Saud al-Qahtani, and Saudi's former deputy intelligence chief Ahmed al-Assiri were charged with inciting the murder; both had been investigated by Saudis in 2019 but acquitted or not charged. [109], The body double footage bolstered Turkish claims that the Saudis always intended either to kill Khashoggi or move him back to Saudi Arabia. [214][215][216], In mid-August 2020, the Open Society Justice Initiative, part of Open Society Foundations, filed a lawsuit in the district court of New York demanding the release of the government's report on Jamal Khashoggi's murder, under the Freedom of Information Act. [134], Speaking before his departure for Paris to attend the World War I armistice centenary, Erdoğan acknowledged the existence of audio recordings in a televised speech on 10 November to maintain the pressure from the international community on Saudi Arabia to reveal who ordered the murder of Khashoggi. [4][5] Lured to the consulate building on the pretext of providing him papers for his upcoming wedding, Khashoggi was ambushed, suffocated, and dismembered[6][7] by a 15-member squad of Saudi assassins. [198][199] Middle East Eye published claims from an unnamed source with knowledge of Saudi intelligence agencies that the murder is part of a larger operation of silently murdering critics of Saudi government by a death squad named "Tiger Squad", composed of the most trusted and skilled intelligence agents. "[198][199] The Tiger Squad also reportedly killed Suleiman Abdul Rahman al-Thuniyan, a Saudi court judge who was murdered by an injection of a deadly virus into his body when he had visited a hospital for a regular health checkup. Because, if indeed, Turkish authorities can prove unequivocally that Saudi agents essentially murdered a journalist inside the consulate in Istanbul, it would require some sort of strong reaction. [85] On 20 October, it was announced that Saud al-Qahtani and Ahmad Asiri had been fired by the Saudi royal court for involvement in Khashoggi's killing, according to the BBC. Agnes Callamard, the UN special rapporteur who investigated the murder, has been rather more explicit. [5] He also opposed the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen. [204] Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said he believes the killing was premeditated and approved by the Saudi government, and sought extradition of the suspects. [105] Later he was seen dining with another Saudi agent, and the footage shows him smiling and laughing. Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi (/ k ə ˈ ʃ oʊ ɡ ʒ i, k ə ˈ ʃ ɒ ɡ ʒ i /; Arabic: جمال أحمد خاشقجي ‎, romanized: Jamāl ʾAḥmad Ḵāšuqjī, Hejazi pronunciation: [dʒaˈmaːl xaːˈʃʊɡ. [126] The Saudi team had visited the consulate every day between 11 and 17 October. [92], On the evening of 14 October, President Erdoğan and King Salman announced that a deal had been made for a "jointing working group" to examine the case. Before that visit he "sought assurances about his safety from friends in the US" and instructed his fiancée to contact Turkish authorities if he failed to emerge. [22], He said, "The government banned me from Twitter when I cautioned against an overly enthusiastic embrace of then-President-elect Donald Trump. The ruling princes, especially the all-powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, will be hoping Monday's verdicts draw a line under the whole affair. [100], On 20 October, the Saudi Foreign Ministry reported that a preliminary investigation showed that Khashoggi had died at the consulate while engaged in a fight, the first Saudi acknowledgement of Khashoggi's death. On Monday, the Riyadh Criminal Court sentenced five individuals to death for "committing and directly participating in the murder of the victim", according to the public prosecution's statement. Saudi officials continued to deny that the Saudi Royal Family was involved in, ordered, or sanctioned the killing. ", But Khashoggi's son Salah, who lives in Saudi Arabia, tweeted: "We affirm our confidence in the Saudi judiciary at all levels, that it has been fair to us and that justice has been achieved.". It was the first time that he disclosed that the three European Union states had heard the recordings. The Khashoggi affair has provided a chastening lesson for Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince, who is widely believed to have ordered the journalist’s slaying in Istanbul in October. L'affaire de la disparition de Jamal Khashoggi a suscité une forte préoccupation dans plusieurs pays occidentaux, dont le Royaume-Uni et la France. The Turkish foreign ministry said the decision of the Saudi court "falls short of the expectations of Turkey and the international community for the clarification of all aspects of this murder and the serving of justice". This was first revealed on 1 October 2018 in a detailed forensic report by Citizen Lab,[32] a University of Toronto project that investigates digital espionage against civil society. Alaoudh said, "They offered me a 'temporary pass' that would allow me to return to Saudi Arabia." Jamal Elshayyal reported Turkish authorities were trying to walk a fine line so as not to damage the Turkish-Saudi relationship: "There is an attempt by the Turkish government to try to find a way out of this whereby there isn't a full collapse of diplomatic relations, at least a temporary freeze between Saudi Arabia and Turkey. [75] U.S. President Donald Trump said the United States had asked Turkey for the recordings. [193][194] Nick Paton Walsh, a senior international correspondent, described it as "a remarkable display of the sustained and catastrophic disconnect between Riyadh and the outside world. JUST WATCHED It is designed to infect cell phones without being detected. Our assessment has not changed since October 6. They tried to keep their work secret from Saudi persecution. [181][182][183], The trial was conducted in secret with diplomats and Khashoggi family members permitted to attend but not speak. The prince denied any involvement, but in October he said he took "full responsibility as a leader in Saudi Arabia, especially since it was committed by individuals working for the Saudi government". On 1 October Khashoggi returned to Istanbul, and he told a friend that he was worried about being kidnapped and sent back to KSA. His trip came amid Turkish suggestions of "a lack of cooperation by the Saudi side" and alleged "attempts to spoil evidence". In fact, all of the evidence points to the reality that he was a regressive thinker and a dedicated Islamist who wanted to move Saudi Arabia to a … [7], In January 2019, the Saudi government began trials against 11 Saudis accused of involvement in Khashoggi's murder. [84], On 20 October, the Saudi Foreign Ministry reported that a preliminary investigation showed that Khashoggi had died at the consulate while engaged in a fight, the first Saudi acknowledgement of Khashoggi's death. "[148][149][150], Citing the leaked CIA assessment, The Wall Street Journal reported that Mohammed bin Salman sent at least 11 text messages in the hours before and after the assassination on 2 October to his closest adviser Saud al-Qahtani who supervised the 15-man kill-team that was sent to Istanbul, and that Qahtani was in direct communication with the team's leader in Istanbul. [165] On 17 October the Daily Sabah, a news outlet close to the Turkish president, published the names and pictures of the 15-member Saudi team apparently taken at passport control. Video, MacKenzie Scott gives away $4.2bn in four months, Australia launches WTO appeal against China's barley tariff, Mitch McConnell: Top Trump ally breaks silence to congratulate Biden, Covid-19: Germany introduces new restrictions amid rise in cases, Paris mayor mocks 'absurd' fine for hiring too many women, Gay conversion therapy: Hundreds of religious leaders call for ban, Struggling Air India could be taken over by workers, LGBT-owned kilt maker denounces kilt-clad Proud Boys, Brexit: 'Narrow path' in view for trade deal - EU chief, UK business 'must wake up' to China's Uighur cotton slaves, The secret tapes of Jamal Khashoggi's murder, Mohammed bin Salman: The man who controls Saudi Arabia, Jamal Khashoggi: All you need to know about his death, Khashoggi's death was an "extrajudicial execution", a total of 31 individuals were investigated over the killing. That may be wishful thinking. [190][191], According to Amnesty International's Middle East Research Director Lynn Maalouf, the verdict was a whitewash and the organisation released a statement saying: "The verdict fails to address the Saudi authorities' involvement in this devastating crime or clarify the location of Jamal Khashoggi's remains ... only an international, independent and impartial investigation can serve justice for Jamal Khashoggi. According to the Turkish source, Qahtani then asked the team to kill Khashoggi. [159] Arrest warrants have been given out by the Turkish prosecutor for the accused. [167] According to one report, seven of the fifteen men suspected of killing Khashoggi are Mohammed bin Salman's personal bodyguards. [127] Echoing the claim, Yasin Aktay, an adviser to Erdoğan in his ruling AK Party and a friend of Khashoggi, hinted in an article in the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet, published on 2 November, that the body was destroyed by dismembering and dissolving in acid: "We now see that it wasn't just cut up, they got rid of the body by dissolving it".[128][129][130]. "I do not believe for one moment that the dismemberment of a body can be done in the spur of a moment," she told the BBC. Under a directive adopted in 2015, the US intelligence community has a "duty to warn" people – including those who are not US citizens – who are at risk of being kidnapped or killed. [71] Middle East Eye cited an anonymous Saudi who said the Tiger Squad brought Khashoggi's fingers to Mohammed bin Salman in Riyadh as other evidence that the mission was successful. He was an outspoken critic of Saudi Arabia who dared to defy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.. Pictures of the event went viral, amid reports that Salah, who lives in Jeddah, has been banned from leaving the country since 2017. [46][47] As a legal resident of the United States Khashoggi was entitled to protection. I also urge Saudi Arabia, especially King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to show the same level of sensitivity and release CCTV footage from the consulate. [213], On 11 December 2018, Khashoggi was named as a person of the year by Time magazine for his work in journalism, along with other journalists who faced political persecution for their work. [206] Several countries called for a transparent investigation and condemned the killing. [9] Turkish investigators, as well as investigations by The New York Times, concluded that some of the 15 members of the Saudi hit team were closely connected to Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, and that the team had traveled to Istanbul specifically to commit the murder. They had come to kill him. [104], Also on 22 October, CNN aired CCTV law enforcement footage from the Turkish authorities, showing the Saudi agent Mustafa al-Madani, a member of the 15-man team, leaving the consulate by the back door. [96] President Erdoğan said that "investigation is looking into many things such as toxic materials and those materials being removed by painting them over". Time referred to Khashoggi, and the others, as a "Guardian of the Truth". Reportedly, the employees of the private military contracting firm, where Bremer is a member of the board of directors, trained some of the Saudi killers charged in the assassination of Khashoggi. The assassination of Jamal Khashoggi—a Saudi dissident, journalist, columnist for The Washington Post, former editor of Al-Watan and former general manager and editor-in-chief of the Al-Arab News Channel—occurred on 2 October 2018 at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, and was perpetrated by agents of the Saudi government. [199] Abdulaziz secretly recorded his conversations with those officials, which were several hours long, and provided them to The Washington Post. [3], According to numerous anonymous police sources, the Turkish police believe that Khashoggi was tortured and killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul[70][71] by a 15-member team brought in from Saudi Arabia for the operation. They also repeated requests for confirmation on the whereabouts of Khashoggi's body, the identity of the "local cooperator" that the Saudis claim disposed of the body, and an update on the progress of a Saudi investigation of the 15 Saudi operatives who visited the Istanbul consulate at the time of the murder. "[81], The Wall Street Journal published reports from anonymous sources that Khashoggi was tortured in front of top Saudi diplomat Mohammad al-Otaibi, Saudi Arabia's consul general. In her Washington Post op-ed on 9 October, Cengiz wrote, "At this time, I implore President Trump and first lady Melania Trump to help shed light on Jamal's disappearance. "[17], Khashoggi was a Saudi journalist,[5] author, and a former general manager and editor-in-chief of Al-Arab News Channel. He also asked Saudis to complete the investigation sooner. Khashoggi collaborated with Omar Abdelaziz, one of the most visible public critics of the Saudi regime abroad who had received asylum in Canada, on a range of projects. [189] However, Khashoggi's fiancé went on social media to condemn Saudi Arabia's ruling, describing it as a total mockery of justice. [53][54], Khashoggi's first visit to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul was on 28 September 2018 – where he showed up unannounced. "[7] Callamard's report also detailed the role of the Saudi consul general in Istanbul in coordinating the killing, undercutting the claim that the murder was an unauthorized act by rogue operatives. Abdulaziz recalled: "Jamal was very polite in public, but in private, he spoke more freely – he was very very critical of the crown prince. "[195] On 24 October 2018, Salah Khashoggi, who holds dual Saudi-US citizenship, and his family left Saudi Arabia for the US. [74] According to the source, the Tiger Squad assassinates dissidents using varying methods such as planned car accidents, house fires, or poisoning clinics by injecting toxic substances into opponents when they attend regular health checkups. [73] Aktay initially said he believed Khashoggi had been killed in the consulate,[71] but on 10 October he claimed that "the Saudi state is not blamed here", something that a journalist for The Guardian saw as Turkey trying not to harm lucrative trade ties and a delicate regional relationship with Saudi Arabia. Citizen Lab concluded with a "high degree of confidence" that his cellphone was successfully targeted with NSO Group's Pegasus spyware and attributed this infection to an operator linked to "Saudi Arabia's government and security services". "Bottom line: the hit-men are guilty, sentenced to death. A senior aide, Saud al-Qahtani, was sacked and investigated over the killing but not charged "due to insufficient evidence", the public prosecution said. [103] The Governor of İstanbul's office said that Khashoggi's fiancée, Hatice Cengiz, had been given 24-hour police protection. [126], On 31 October a senior Turkish official told The Washington Post that Turkish authorities were investigating the theory that Khashoggi's body was destroyed in acid on the grounds of the consulate or at the nearby residence of the Saudi consul general. [69] A security camera was located outside the consulate's front which showed him entering but not leaving, while another camera installed at a preschool opposite the rear entrance of the consulate also did not show him leaving. Days later, leaks from Turkish sources declared that Mr. Khashoggi was killed in the Saudi Consulate. Meurtre de Jamal Khashoggi: la Turquie met en doute la version saoudienne Affaire Khashoggi: Ankara a des "preuves" discréditant la version saoudienne 15/11/2018 à 14h27 After listening to purported audio recordings of conversations inside the consulate made by Turkish intelligence, Ms Callamard concluded that Khashoggi was "brutally slain" that day. Allied Arab countries characterized the aftermath as a media campaign against Saudi Arabia. Video, The Beirut architect rebuilding families' homes for free. [121] Mojeb held talks on 29 October with Istanbul's chief prosecutor Irfan Fidan at the Çağlayan courthouse. TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP ... La justice saoudienne s’était elle-même saisie de l’affaire et [117][118], Calling for an international investigation, at the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York City on 25 October, Agnes Callamard, UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions, explained the Saudi officials implicated in the death of Khashoggi "are high enough to represent the state". "[17] Human rights group Amnesty International called the verdict a "whitewash" and the Turkish government said that the trials had fallen far short of "justice being served and accountability. [28], After Khashoggi's assassination, the Saudi cyber-operations were the focus of global scrutiny. We gave them to Saudi Arabia, to the United States, Germans, French and British, all of them."

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